Westend News


The construction works on the last building of our Westend business complex zone are slowly coming to an end. WESTEND PLAZZA is a business centre of the newest generation, that is about to bring 33 000 m2 of top standard office space, as well as a superb congress centre consisting of three conference halls of different sizes.

WESTEND PLAZZA has been designed to fit the needs of clients from international companies, as well as the local leaders and smaller companies. Due to its high quality, WESTEND PLAZZA has been nominated as the European Medicines Agency headquarters (EMA). The special feature of the project is the fact that it is one of the largest gross floor areas of a single floor on the market. However, WESTEND PLAZZA can easily accommodate even those companies that would rather go for a space as small as 18 m2. One entire floor is devoted to such spaces.

WESTEND PLAZZA is the only business centre in Slovakia where you can find a spacious ‘‘food court‘‘ instead of a canteen, offering a wide variety of local and international food vendors. As many as 270 guests at once will be able to taste juicy burgers, Vietnamese pho, as well as Thai, Indian and Greek specialties. New shops are planned to be opened in order to boost the working comfort of all the lessees and the business zone visitors. The new building will enrich the site not only with various services, but also a pleasant relaxation zone with a fountain. The courtyard – Plazza, which the entire building owes its name to, is aiming at becoming the new centre of the business zone.

Parking possibilities for employees are to be extended as well. More than 1100 cars will be able to park on four underground floors. Besides the parking spaces for visitors and the rented ones, there will be approximately 160 parking spaces for company employees, operating on the ‘’first come, first served’’ basis.

The first tenants are to be welcomed in WESTEND PLAZZA as soon as in May 2019, which is also the opening date of the food court and some other shops that we plan to introduce to you soon.

In case you are interested in leasing an office or retail space, do not hesitate to contact JTRE by phone on 0903 448 448 or by email at