JTRE Office in the Top 10

Companies located in J&T REAL ESTATE buildings have won the most prizes at the Slovakia-wide OFFICE OF THE YEAR 2017 competition. The TOP 10 most beautiful and inspirational offices included six premises from the Zuckermandel and Panorama urban quarters. The overall winner and proud holder of the OFFICE OF THE YEAR 2017 title was Slovak company Profesia, which is headquartered at Panorama Business II – the newest administrative building along the Danube.

A five-member expert jury – architects Ian Bogle from the UK and Friedrich Passler from Austria, CBRE workspace expert Martin Pongratz from Austria, Šimon Šicko from the Pixel Federation, and Slovanet‘s Tomáš Jaššo – selected a winner from the 36 finalists. As Bogle stated, several office concepts from Slovakia could also succeed on the international stage. The judges also selected the TOP 10 offices of the year, with six of the eight nominee companies having JTRE building locations: Arval, Baumit, ČSOB, EY, Johnson Controls International, and Profesia. EY won the title “An Office as a Company‘s DNA” for the best presentation of corporate philosophy, focus and vision in office design.

“I’m glad that in the spaces – which companies have created in our buildings – they have found an inspirational environment to stylishly and functionally adapt to individual requirements. The majority of companies in the TOP 10 show that creating quality and modern environments for employees is also a priority in Slovakia,” said Pavel Pelikán, CEO of J&T REAL ESTATE. He congratulated the winner, as well as all the finalists.

Premises built by J&T REAL ESTATE have won the prestigious Slovak title for the second time. Last year IBM Slovakia was the overall winner with its cca 22,000 sqm Westend office space. “Our administrative buildings clearly have great potential. Their main strengths are flexibility, efficiency, functionality and aesthetics,” said Peter Píš, Head of Leasing Department at J&T REAL ESTATE. He added that another equally key factor is the experience and recommendations of clients in creating their premises.