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Give your old toothbrushes a second chance!

Every bit of help counts… especially when it comes to saving our planet! You too can contribute to the protection of our environment by simple things such as sorting your waste, switching to an eco-friendly shopping bag, or using alternative forms of transport. But did you know that you can also hand in your toothbrush for recycling?

We at Westend have decided to do something for Earth too. That is why you can now put your used toothbrushes in special collection boxes at the Westend Gate and Westend Square receptions. After having their brush heads removed, the plastic bodies of toothbrushes are sorted by colour and sent to a recycling factory to start a new life cycle. 

The plastic used to make toothbrushes is hard to recycle, but it is not impossible. Curaprox has found a way to transform used toothbrushes into something meaningful: plastic recycling bins! The goal of the project is to introduce a system for collecting sorted waste at Slovak kindergartens as well as primary and secondary schools. Apart from the collection itself, the schools will also receive regular service (lections, mentoring, materials) and financial support for activities within the topical range. Learning proper habits in childhood is immensely important for later life and for the consequences of human behavior on our planet. You can bring toothbrushes of any kind and brand – just put them in the designated collection box.